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Texans for
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An organization dedicated to the importance of the general aviation community in the state of Texas

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Texans for General Aviation (TFGA) is a state wide non-profit General Aviation advocacy and educational organization. Membership is comprised of companies and individuals invested in General Aviation as a business tool and of individual stakeholders committed to preserving the right to use General Aviation aircraft for the advancement of business, economic development, and for the sheer joy of flying.


What is General Aviation?

General Aviation includes all forms of air transportation except the scheduled airlines and the military. Examples of general aviation range from “crop dusters” working in our state’s agricultural industry to Federal Express and UPS bring us letters and packages from all over the world.

Emergency medical air transportation, airborne police enforcement, airplanes used in disaster relief and firefighting efforts, companies using aircraft to fly their employees on business trips throughout Texas, the nation, and the world, are all a part of General Aviation.


Why is General Aviation important to Texas?

General Aviation is responsible for some $14 Billion annually in Economic Impact and provides jobs for some 60,000 Texans. Business Aviation provides a lifeline to communities with little or no airline service, helping thousands of businesses of all sizes to be more productive and efficient, and providing emergency and humanitarian services to people in need.

Every Texan is affected daily, in some way, by General Aviation. General Aviation will play an ever increasing role in the future health, well-being, and economic prosperity of our state.

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